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Clean up With a Built in Soap Dispenser

Plastic hand soap bottles, plastic dish soap bottles, plastic lotion bottles, scrub brush… Everything just piles up around your sink, and it’s just an unbearable mess. Who wants an ugly old plastic bottle messing up the cleanliness and visual appeal of their kitchen? But what can we do when we still need to wash our hands and dishes every day? In truth, there isn’t a whole lot that can be done other than eliminating items, here and there, when at all possible. The quickest and easiest way to cure the clutter around your sink is to not need all those plastic bottles in the first place. Investing in a sink soap dispenser will eliminate your need for so many household items. Otherwise your only option is storing all of your plastic bottles in a cabinet, which then requires you fetch them each time for use. Other than being a source of clutter, those plastic foam soap bottles are just an ugly harbor for bacteria and scum. They remain perched beside your sink, constantly being handled, touched, and dropped. There’s a whole plethora of germs and bacteria breeding around the edges of that bottle. Not to mention the wet, slimy bottom that sticks with dried soap, as water pools beneath. Never mind the breeding bacteria, chain store-bought soap is just an all-around mess. Especially if the nozzle breaks, as it always seems to do, and you are forced to remove the lid to attempt pouring out the soap. If you have children, the plastic pump bottle becomes even more of a mess. Little slippery hands trying to pump out foam soap just end up not reaching the nozzle; resulting in picking up the bottle, squeezing it against their chest in determination, and inevitably dropping it. In the end, you have a blobby soap mess all over the counters, the floor, and your children. A stainless steel soap dispenser gets built right in to match your sink. It does not require handling and cannot be dropped all over the floor. You only need to push the pump a couple times and voila, foam soap at the palm of your hand. A quick wipe up, each night, of the area around the foaming dispenser will keep it clean and clog free. Kitchen-Classics built in soap dispenser holds 17 ounces of foaming liquid soap, making it unnecessary to purchase those tiny little throw away soap bottles. Just imagine, no sticky, slimy, wet mess making you cringe and contaminating your kitchen.Throw out your last plastic soap bottle today. Save yourself time, money, and a constant clean up by ordering a built in foaming soap dispenser. Because a built in sink dispenser is simply cleaner, easier, and all out more appealing.

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